Monday, December 25, 2006

ok, I think I *finally* got it!

It's Christmas and everything is incredibly slow, but I think I finally got it.
It's not about the front page really, it's about getting them in the back for the community.
Like FC. Remember when no one would visit the front page?
I need to get people into the forum and keep it busy.

Realizing this, I wish I had picked another topic like food or pets or gaming. But it's there and it's a fun first site.
This is the chance for me to work out all the kinks on the first site, get it up and running and successful, and then use that as a foundation for other communities.
I just need around 15k members to get it going.
Peice o cake, lol

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I bought V___O for the forum, and that should be a major help. I should start seeing big results in about 6 months.

Good things happening. with this realization.

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