Sunday, November 5, 2006

My new busines made $2.45 today! Im ecstatic!

I couldnt believe it. I know thats miniscule by everyones standards but to me it's huge. It verifies that there *IS* a busienss here.
According to my stats, which aren't very good. Im getting about 250 visitors a day.
So imagine what that nubmer would be if I got 20,000 people a day. Or 100,000 visitors a day.
Ill get there eventually.

my numbers so far
September 2006 - $0.05 (5 cents) earned
October 2006 - $13.54 earned
November 2006 - $7.77 earned so far, as of November 5th.
At this rate I could be earning $47 by the end of the month.

Really I want to build up every month and have Christmas of 2007 be a very big season for me.
Wish me luck!


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