Saturday, December 30, 2006

Should I move back home?

Reasons I should go back:

1. I'm not enjoying it here.
2. I'm spending too much money here.
3. I'd save money if I moved home, have full access to a free car.
4. I'm going to send money home anyways to help mom.
5. I'm afraid to drive anywhere because I dont know the area.
6. My mother needs help.
7. I'll have more money to grow P___ P___ faster
8. I'm familiar with the areas and roads and more comfortable.

Reasons stay here
1. Prove that I can make it.
2. Embarassing to go back. A failure.
3. No privace, can't have boyfriend.
4. Embarassed about sexuality.
5. Hate the weather in Boston, love it here.
6. Hate the east coast.
7. wont save that much money.



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