Thursday, November 30, 2006

Flooding the site with paid traffic

its expensive, but I see small results.
on Average, If I pay around $100 in traffic I earn $35, but have the added bonus of building traffic.
Had a lot of people register. Maybe 10-20, not sure. And it's slow but growing.

I'm pausing the traffic from Y___ because its too much.

I'll pause, wait a few days, then see if the traffic was sticky, if so ill go back and buy more.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I called home today

For my mom's birthday. We talked for an hour. She got the roses I sent and loves them. They weren't open yet and it didnt have my name in them, but she figured it was from me.

Was nice talking to her, but we talked about money and problems and it reminded me why I had to get out of there.
I dont know how I did it so long. No wonder I have nervous ticks.
Need to relax.
I need a heated pool to lay in.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm setting some goals

I'm setting some simple goals.
Today is November 28, 2006.

By May of 2007 I want to be earning $50 a day.
By December of 2007 I want to be earning $500 a day.

And those are my goals.
I think if I really push myself I can do this.
Physically it CAN be done, so it may as well be me that does it.
I feel good. I feel energized by this and I think it'll be tough but I can do this.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Went on a traffic buying frenzy

Bought from G____, Y_____, and A____
Spending a lot of money on this, kind of worried.
but at least im spending money on actual visitors instead of cotnent that no one's seeing.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

$63.32 this month, but you know something...

there's no reason why that can't be $632 for the month.


I'm on a traffic buying frenzy

just re-started my traffic campaign with G___ and am looking at buying traffic from other sites as well. Messaging back P___ S____

I put up the counter and it wasn't as bad as I feared, I think on on the first day I generated around 350 unique visitors or so, and that was the Saturday after Thanksgiving mind you. SO everyone is away and not on the net.

The real test will be this week.

I was going to not advertise and see what I could generate on my own, but then I think that's just not smart.
Advertise it as much as I can.
What would a smart business person do? Promote the heck out of it, go go go.
So Im going to do that.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

$61.30 this month!!

Wow, 3rd month in this business, and I made $61.30.
It doesnt feel real, hope This is the start of something very good.

Got rid of a few writers and only have 4 or 5 more.
Spent some bad money, one of which on a holiday guide which I wish I could take back.
I realize now that the #1 thing I need is traffic.
I wish I could flood my site with traffic.

traffic, traffic, traffic

I added a site counter today

I'm glad I did, but I'm also dreading it.
Because it'd going to tell me the truth and Im not sure I want to know that.

I like believing that Im getting 500 or so visitors a day and IM afraid this counter will tell me I'm only getting 100, lol.


Well, I had the #1 guy in my field send me a nasty message, lol

he just sent me an email saying im a poor imitation of him.

I think its an accomplishment that little 'ol me got the attention of such a successful person, and so early too.
I'm sorry he feels that way, it would be great to have him as a friend and trade customers back and forth and advertising. There's certainly plenty of business for everyone.
But he doesn't like me now. Oh well, what can I do?


Friday, November 24, 2006

$55.26 this month

I thought I would have made maybe $10 or $15 this month.
This is great!
And a few more days left for the month!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I hit $50.21 this month!!!

It's the day before Thanksgiving and I made $2.47 today, bringing my total up to $50.21 this month.
Love it!

I went to the bike store yesterday and looked at bikes. They recommended one that will be on sale next week. About $130 or so brand new. I think its a good deal.

Bought a printer today and orderes some new sneakers and some toys for my nephew on Amazon.
Thanksgiving tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm going to get a bike and try to relax more

I walked up the beach today and it was just so nice out.
I decided Im going to get a bike and go for a ride on the beach regularly.
Its great exercise and I get do more shopping and get more freedom. Its a win/win.

L__ had a bike and says I can use it, I just need to add air to the tires.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

need to start making goals and really sticking to them

I want to make daily and weekly goals, and make lists to accomplish them.
This is important.

$43.10 so far this month

Dont know what happened, but averaging 395 visitors a day so far for the month of November.
Its a start

Lots of work to do. Working with a My___ consultant.
Need to drop my press release into all of the free services.

As of right now I have 996 different articles on my site.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Traffic is doing a slow burn up

On November 15th I had 567 visitors and on November 16th I had 575 visitors.
Slowly getting the word out about it.
Getting listed in Google SERPs more.
Its slow but going in the right direction.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

$2.03 today. $1.85 yesterday

Very nice. Does this mean things are happening for me?
At least I'm on the road for it.

I'm talking with someone about doing MY____ advertising. And getting some help from the W__ forum.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Made $1.76 today, with "The Big Press release"

Bringing me to $31.90 earned this month.
heh, I spent over $300 on the and made $1.76 for the day. I doubt I made anything from the release, if I did it was less than a dollar.
I was hoping Id get this big rush of traffic, but Im not.
Back to the drawing board.

Well, the press release went out today

It's been out for about 20 hours now and I saw almost nothing from it.
I got 2 new people signup for the free C__ giveaway and noticed maybe 20-40 visitors in traffic.
I was told I'll see more over the next few days.
I hope so. I didnt want to spend over $300 and get no results.
I was also told that PR is an ongoing thing and I should put out a press release every month.
Ugh! How expensive is this going to get?

I am starting to see more Google traffic though, so Im happy about that.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Good morning

Well actually it's 12:30 noon, but got up about an hour ago.
I'm trying to learn MySpace so I can promote my business.

Checked my stats and Ive made .86 cents today. So the trend is going up and Im pleased with that.

Press release goes out tomorrow, not sure how to handle things, but I'll try to make it successful.
Hope it works out really well.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

$27.33 this month, i made $3.39 today!

Don't know why there would be a sudden surge today but Im happy about it.
At this rate I could hit $69 for the month.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Changing my uploading system around a little

I'm having the writers send in their reviews directly. And not via email.
This should save me hours and make my job much more enjoyable.
I am loving this new system, its so easy to do and use.

SO far theyre using it and I hope this all works out well.

Hmmm...$22.78 this month...

and I made $1.73 today. Thats pretty strange, but in a good way.
I dont know where all of these clicks came from, but Im happy about that.
A good sign.

What are my goals? What do I want to get from all of this?

Off hand I know my short term goals are to have P__ be successful.
I Have about 150-300 visitors a day.
Id love it to be 300,000 visitors a day. and make a profit of at least $1,000 a day.
That would be wonderful, I could really help my family and myself as well.

Long term I just want to have enough money to take care of myself and my family.
I want to travel around the world and see new things, and meet new people. And I should do it.
Theres no reason why I cant travel the world and enjoy life. Millions of other do it, and I think I'm on that path.
I want it and wont stop until I get there.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Press release is done and will be sent on Tueday

I dont know if it would be better to announce it on Tuesday, or to wait until after Thanksgiving because people will be more in the holiday mood.
I'll just leave it for thursday and maybe do a re-release 2 weeks before the contest is over.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

$19.85 this month

Im working on a MySpace profile and should have my press release tomorrow.
I have 30 people signed up for the giveaway and am around 320'ish visitors a day average.

Id love to get that up to 500 a day
actually id love to get up to 500,000 visitors a day hehe.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Signed up for my press release

about $325.

I did the expanded press release press release, and the press release re-write.

BUT...I figure it's something I'll have forever, and I can re-use it for the free press release services, and re-use it on valentines day, St Patricks Day, Easter, Spring giveaway, Summer giveaway, fall giveaway, holiday giveaway, etc.

Have to wait 2 days before I hear back from them on it.

Well...I figured it out.

Unfortunately I forgot that i had ads on Google Adwords and thats what was sending the traffic and the sale.s
I spent $50.

So I spend $50 to make that $17, lol.
I paused the ads

back to the drawing board lol

Monday, November 6, 2006


I dont know what happened or who is sending traffic to me but I'm very grateful.

Thank you, whoever you are.

I went for a walk on the beach today...

And siking myself up from that walk.
It felt good. It was a warm day and the breeze was very nice.

I was thinking about P__ and really excited about it.
If the site takes off then someday the heads of companies will call me about their new products and pay to advertise on P___.
I can totally see it happening. It will happen someday.


I dont know whats going on but I am really excited about this!

up to $13.90 this month...

just sayin! :)

im sooo happy

Good Morning! $12.02 this month!!!

I just checked stats and Ive made $12.02 so far this month.
I'm working on a MySpace page and will write a press release tonight.

Make that $10.19...

I cant believe that I just checked and now I'm up to $10.19 earned so far this month.
I just let out a sign, could this be the beginning of something big?

Update...I made $9.52 so far this month!

Wow before I went to bed i checked my stats remote and I made $9.52 this month!

I just reported two hours ago that I made $7.77 so far this month, but it's already up to $9.52!

I'm so happy.
I cant wait to get my first check. I want to frame it :)

Sunday, November 5, 2006

My new busines made $2.45 today! Im ecstatic!

I couldnt believe it. I know thats miniscule by everyones standards but to me it's huge. It verifies that there *IS* a busienss here.
According to my stats, which aren't very good. Im getting about 250 visitors a day.
So imagine what that nubmer would be if I got 20,000 people a day. Or 100,000 visitors a day.
Ill get there eventually.

my numbers so far
September 2006 - $0.05 (5 cents) earned
October 2006 - $13.54 earned
November 2006 - $7.77 earned so far, as of November 5th.
At this rate I could be earning $47 by the end of the month.

Really I want to build up every month and have Christmas of 2007 be a very big season for me.
Wish me luck!

Wow things have changed

I haven't written in a while, but things have changed for the better.
Im working on P___ and its slow but moving. I dont care how long it takes anymore, I know sooner or later it will be successful and Im happy with that.
Ive done some pretty brave moves with advertising and hiring writers to write reviews. Buying advertising spots on other blogs.

Im giving away a $300 C__ bag and $200-300 in prizes.

I have to write a press release and get myself on MySpace.
Working on it, hopefully within a week that'll all be done and I'll be rocking!